Baby Shower Present

A charity gift which saves an expectant mum’s life in Malawi or Nigeria.


Twinning a Pregnancy is a charity gift which makes the immensely special time of carrying a baby even more significant by sharing the experience with another mother, who is also pregnant right now and in need.

It’s 60 times more dangerous to have a baby in Malawi than in the UK but your one-off donation of £42 you changes that for one mother, improving her chances drastically by providing her with transport to the health clinic, advice on her pregnancy and access to medicines when she needs them.

It means that your mummy-to be will give birth once, but through this present will give life twice.

Absolutely! You can give this gift online by clicking the green “Twin Her Pregnancy” button OR another way to give this is to set up a joint gift page and ask all the Baby Shower guests to chip in.

This is easy to do, just fill in this short form and we’ll create a joint page for your baby shower then send you the link to share with all the guests. Check out this example for a sneak peak.

You’ll get this straight away by email in time to include in a card for the baby shower.

Twinning Card, we'll send you this in time for the shower!

This will be sent to mum a few months later as soon as her twin in Malawi gives birth.

Twinning Certificate, we'll send this once baby has arrived.

Of course we do! We’ve created Pregnancy Twinning’s Ultimate Guide to Planning a Baby Shower to help you out.

Also check out these boards on Baby Shower Ideas and Decorations, because Pintrest is an organiser’s best friend.

We’ve got you covered. To go along with your charity present for your mum-to-be, you can download Pregnancy Twinning paper chains and bunting to deck the room with as an extra reminder that your celebration is making a difference to another family around the world.


"I was so moved by the whole thing that I have my certificate up in my baby's room!"
- Vanessa

Most presents bring joy for a short time but this gift will change the life of a mother and a child forever.


By twinning a pregnancy you help to save a mum’s life by sponsoring crucial medical costs for her pregnancy and delivery.


At the Baby Shower when you gather her girls and cut the cake you can present your mummy-to-be with a Twinning Card… and you’ll get to treasure her reaction as she realises what she’s done for another mummy across the world.



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