To give birth in a hospital anywhere in the world there are certain things you need to bring. Yet in Malawi because hospitals are so under resourced, these things are not for comfort but for survival. Imagine having to bring your own razor to cut your umbilical cord, or your

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Mothers Day Campaign

The difference a Mother Buddy makes

Whilst pregnancy is a universal experience, there is huge inequality in maternal care around the world. In remote corners of Africa, women have great difficulty accessing support in pregnancy and childbirth, often with tragic results. Pregnancy Twinning brings mums together across continents to make sure more women get the maternal

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David, a father buddy, with a couple he's supported

Counter-cultural Dads

We talk about the power of mums a lot at Pregnancy Twinning, but what about the dads? In much of rural sub-Saharan Africa, pregnancy, birth and childcare are seen as very much the woman’s domain. It would be thought odd in many communities for a husband to go to an

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