Unto us a Child is born

Thanks for your orders so far! Each card sent has helped another baby be born at the right time in the right place.

We can no longer guarantee delivery by Christmas Day which is why we’ve closed up shop for postal orders. But it’s not too late to buy your loved one a Christmas gift that makes a difference!

For £42 you can sponsor a pregnancy on their behalf. Simply choose deliver by email and the details of your sponsored mum will be sent by email straight away.

Thanks to Mother Buddies like Rosemary, families who live far away from medical support get to be visited by their very own 'wise women.' The advice, friendship and practical support they provide means when Mums go into labour, they have the best chance to give birth in a clean clinic to healthy children.


Malawi has the highest rate of premature births in the world and prematurity is the single largest cause of neonatal death. Nearly 1 in 5 babies are born premature leaving them at high risk of birth complications such as difficulty in feeding, breathing and regulating body temperature.

Yet Pregnancy Twinning's Mother Buddies make a real difference – they visit vulnerable women throughout pregnancy and childbirth to ensure the expectant mum is educated about factors that can increase the risk of prematurity, receives good antenatal care, and gives birth in a clinic with a professional in attendance. They visit families three times in that crucial first week of life and offer practical help with everything from providing nutrition advice to giving baby's first blanket.

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