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Present for Dad to be Father's Day

Everyone knows a great man who will one day be a great dad.

Yet some of these men get only get heartbreakingly close to fatherhood

Childbirth in Malawi is 70 times more dangerous than in the UK so even after a healthy pregnancy a dad could lose his wife and child in a complicated birth, especially when there’s no medical help at hand.

We want to help dads ensure their family survives childbirth.

Sponsor a pregnancy for £42 and give your dad the gift of helping another man become a father.

Perfect as a gift from those raised by world-changers or from baby bump.

We’ll send him updates about another family who are pregnant right now!



Donate £42 by following the order form through to PayPal, you’ll get an email straight away acknowledging your payment. We then send your A4 pdf digital certificate which describes your gift through to your inbox within 24 hours of ordering.

Then you can print out your certificate to include in a card or frame it as a special gift for the dad in your life.

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Charity Father's Day Pregnancy Twinning Present

For £42 we are able to provide one family in Malawi with a programme of support for their pregnancy, childbirth and those crucial first few months.

Our programme focuses on three main interventions:

  1. Mother and Father Buddies delivering 8 antenatal care visits bringing at the family home and supporting dads to get involved
  2. Covering the cost of transport for mum when she’s in labour so she can give birth in a hospital with medical assistance.
  3. Helping the whole family access to HIV services to keep themselves and to prevent transmission to their baby

Orders through Pregnancy Twinning are a charitable donation, so if you wanted to cancel your order we are unfortunately unable to return your donation under Charity Law. Though please contact us if you made a donation in error, as in this case we will process your refund as soon as possible.

‘My husband was given advice about preparing for delivery, he was able to support me through pregnancy which even benefited my neighbours! There are men in this village who do not support their pregnant wives so my husband was a good role model because of what he learnt.’ - Ularia,
Southern Malawi

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