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Pregnancy Twinning named one of the top HIV initiatives in Malawi

We’re really pleased to report that the Pregnancy Twinning programme (also known as IMPACT – improving parent and child outcomes) was been selected in August 2015 as one of the best initiatives tackling HIV in Malawi.

The award for best practice was commissioned by Malawi’s National AIDS Commission, with Chancellor College and the College of Medicine acting as consultants.

102 projects were initially considered, whittled down to 28 after a first round of scrutiny. After a second round, 10 winners emerged, which will be published as examples of best practice – including the Pregnancy Twinning programme!

We have been very encouraged by the results achieved by the Pegnancy Twinning programme, and it’s great to see it being affirmed at a national level as one of the most effective ways to tackle mother to child transmission of HIV. IMPACT is also one of only a few programmes that, due to its fantastic results, has continued after its main funding grant (from Irish Aid) has finished. IMPACT is now being supported by Chasing Zero and Tearfund.

We are not striving for quality antenatal care support for all mums but also for a generation born free of HIV infections, and the Pregnancy Twinning programme is making a big contribution to achieving these goals! Your continued support  is really saving lives and enabling a new generation to be born HIV-free.

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