World Breastfeeding Week


What if governments had a proven, cost-effective way to save babies’ lives, reduce rates of malnutrition, support children’s health, increase educational attainment and grow productivity?

They do. It’s called breastfeeding.

"Effective breastfeeding is not a single woman's responsibility; it takes trained community health workers to assist the communities on a number of health issues including breastfeeding." - Balaka District Hospital, Malawi

Our Community Health workers are called Mother Buddies. They teach mothers living with HIV how to breastfeed safely. Women who comply fully with their antiretroviral treatment reduce the chance of transmitting the virus to their baby from 40% to below 1%!

As part of the 1000 days project Mother Buddies educate mums in rural Malawi and Nigeria about nutrition during pregnancy, the importance of exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months and how to transition to supplementary feeding.

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