Gift a gift to a loved one - and help a family in Malawi

You can help a mum, her baby and family in Malawi this Christmas by buying a gift for someone you love – family or friend – it’s a gift with a difference – a gift of new life! Not only does it help take the stress out of present buying, at the same time it helps someone in Malawi during pregnancy and childbirth. It’s easy – for £44.95 your friend will receive a framed Pregnancy Twinning Certificate, featuring details of a mum and baby who are being helped, and a personalised Christmas letter delivered by first class post. Or you can have it sent to you, and you can give it to them personally at Christmas. And you and your friend will both know you have participated in ‘twinning pregnancies across the world’ – by helping to save a mum and baby’s life in Malawi.

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By giving a gift this Christmas you’ll be helping another mum to have a safe pregnancy and delivery, just like we helped this family pictured. In Malawi if you’re an expectant mum you are over 60 times more likely to die during pregnancy and childbirth than a mum in the UK.

We have trained over a hundred Mother Buddies to help families like these to have a safe pregnancy and birth. Your gift pays for one of Mother Buddies to provide 6 home visits during pregnancy and after childbirth and helps expectant mums get to clinic (often 10 miles or more away) to ensure that they have at least 4 antenatal care visits, and that they give birth in a clinic with a professional in attendance.