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All ideas are conceived somehow; a few get the chance to grow, develop into something tangible and some are lucky enough to be born into the world. Pregnancy Twinning is one of these ideas. The story starts with the programme called IMPACT (improving parent and child outcomes) set up by Tearfund’s partners initially in Malawi. This programme delivered fantastic improvements to expectant mums through a team of Mother Buddies. Meanwhile, after reading about maternal mortality in a book called Half The Sky, two friends discovered that there was a price you could place on a safe birth, a price that perhaps parents here in the UK could cover – a price that is shockingly low.

Our wonderful volunteers!

Since that conversation and that contagious idea that connecting people can bring about real change, the Pregnancy Twinning initiative has been rolled out through Chasing Zero and with Tearfund partners to operate across Malawi and Nigeria through over a hundred of their trained, local volunteers – Mother Buddies. In these countries where maternal and infant deaths are far too common, we support mums to overcome the main preventable barriers to a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

We’ve now been part of hundreds of birth journeys, and we truly believe the beauty of Pregnancy Twinning is the transformative power of mums supporting mums.  Mums who are sharing across continents the emotions of bringing a new life safely into the world. Mums who are carrying the next generation. Mums who are embarking on a journey together.

Through this shared experience these women are equals, however their day-to-day context looks.

Here at Pregnancy Twinning we’re driven by a deep sense of indignation that, despite this, there is massive inequality of maternal care around the globe.

That’s what we want to change. With an integrated, community-based approach to maternal health care, Pregnancy Twinning is standing against this inequality, aiming to leave no-one behind, and reaching out a hand to mums across the world. Will you join us?

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