Please support our vision of all mums and families being supported through the first 1000 days of their child’s life – so that there’s no more physical or mental stunting and children have a really healthy foundation for the rest of their lives.

Our short-term goal is to support 1000 mums and their families in both Malawi and Nigeria.

You can help financially in 4 ways:

1- Twin a pregnancy – your own or give as a gift to a friend/relative. A donation of £44.95 enables a vulnerable expectant mum to be supported to have a safe pregnancy and delivery.  In return, you or your friend/relative will receive a beautiful framed ArtPrint.

2- Sponsor a family for the whole 1000 days, from conception until their child is 2 years old by giving £10 per month for 33 months. You’ll receive a framed ArtPrint and periodic email updates.

3- Give a cash donation of any amount to support the programme.

4- Buy a Motherhood popon through our partner Recognised – we receive at least 50% of their profits on this item

Twin a pregnancy Become a 1000dreams sponsor Give a cash donation Buy a Motherhood Popon

“There has been a tremendous improvement in our health. We have always had these foods like soya, maize and beans but we never knew that they could improve our health. The secret here is knowledge…”