Sponsor a mum and child for the first critical 1000 DAYS of life

Half of all Malawian children are malnourished and at risk of irreversible stunting and wasting by their fifth birthday – because they are not adequately supported during the first 1000 days!

For just £10 per month for 33 months, you can become a 1000 Days Sponsor and help us reach our goal of supporting 1000 mums over the next 3 years! You’ll be giving an infant in Malawi or Nigeria the right start for a lifetime of health. 

You’ll see the difference you’re making to a child’s life over two years.

Help us meet our dream – in the short term to help 1000 mums in Africa in the next 3 years – please invest in the next generation by becoming a 1000 dreams sponsor.

You’ll receive a framed Certificate through the post of a representative mum and her baby, being helped by the programme, along with periodic updates by email.


Become a 1000 dreams sponsor - give £10 a month

Why support for 1000 days?

Research has shown that the first 1000 days (from pregnancy until their second birthday) are a critical time for a child’s development. Poor nutrition in these early years leads to permanent effects like stunting. Yet the right nutrition makes an infant ten times more likely to overcome childhood diseases, helps them have better health in later life, achieve more at school and bring up healthier families of their own.

Helping an infant get a good, balanced diet before their second birthday is one of the most effective ways we can help their long term wellbeing.

“I love the fact that my sponsorship is giving mums the best possible start in life for their babies”  C.P. – 1000dreams sponsor

Become a 1000 dreams sponsor - give £10 a month

Mother Buddies make 12 visits during the first 1000 days

Through Pregnancy Twinning, our Mother Buddies get to know pregnant women and newborns living in remote places.

Mother Buddies are trained in counselling vulnerable expectant and new mums, on a range of subjects, from HIV testing, nutrition, to breastfeeding, dealing with depression, to family planning issues. Their support literally can make the difference between life and death, for mum and baby – see the results of independent evaluations of our IMPACT programme.

How does my sponsorship help?

Sponsoring a child allows our Mother Buddies to visit expectant mums during pregnancy and until their new child is two years old. The programme gives families and their wider community nutrition advice and practical help like:

Educating families to source nutritious food whilst pregnant and afterwards when weaning their child, with a balanced diet of the Main, Grow, Go and Glow foods. See one of the training videos used by Mother Buddies to inform mums.

Training video on nutrition for infants

Providing health inputs such farm inputs to the family as needed, like goats, chickens or seeds, and accessing bednets to prevent malaria.

Support for mums with breastfeeding advice, and in particular, to continue with exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months. This is recommended by the World Health Organisation to ensure that infants get the best start in life.

Training video - exclusive breastfeeding

Tracking the infant’s nutrition by measuring mid-upper arm circumference and referring any at-risk infant to a UN feeding programme.

Sponsor funds are pooled to ensure that all children benefit in a community – your sponsored child is representative of a wider story about how their community is being supported by Mother Buddies who are carrying out these interventions.

“There has been a tremendous improvement in our health. We have always had these foods like soya, maize and beans but we never knew that they could improve our health. The secret here is knowledge…”