These are some of the key results from our survey of expectant and new mums on anxiety, so far. Over 100 mums have taken part & the survey is open and we would love you to take the survey if you haven’t so far. The main findings are summarised below, together with selected graphs.

Summary findings:

1 – Expectant Mums:

• 90% had experienced anxiety and half of these were suffering to a significant extent causing some disruption in their lives.

• In terms of symptoms two thirds had ‘worries in their head’ and almost 40% suffered physical symptoms of their anxiety.  Almost a third had panic attacks and almost a third suffered depression (with 3% with suicidal ideation) In terms of specific Covid-19 anxiety, 97% had worries.

2 – New Mums

• 86% of mums had suffered anxiety since giving birth with 60% suffering to a significant extent. The majority (56%) suffered anxiety both when pregnant and after birth.

• In terms of symptoms – 9 out of 10 had worries in their head, and over half with physical symptoms. A quarter suffered panic attacks but almost 60% suffered depression and as many as 1 in 6 (17%) had suicidal ideation – 5 times higher than in pregnancy. 95% had specific Covid-19 worries.

Accessing support

4 in 10 expectant or new mums were finding it difficult to talk to someone at a deep level about their anxieties.

• The main current support that mums felt they had good access to were family (86%) and friends (72%).

• Only around 1 in 4 had good access to a midwife or nurse or doctor and only 1 in 20 felt they had good access to counselling/therapy.

• Half of mums wanted more access to family and friends, and 45% to be able to talk with other mums in a similar situation, and over a third would like access to confidential counselling.


1. Expectant Mums

New Mums (infants <2 yrs old)