Twin a pregnancy now!

You can twin your own or a friend or relative’s pregnancy.

As part of the 1000 days, you can support the pregnancy and delivery period by giving a Pregnancy Twinning gift for £44.95 

For each twinning you will be supporting the pregnancy/delivery period within the first 1000 days and you or your friend/relative will receive a specially designed framed ArtPrint, delivered by post.

If you’re pregnant, you can twin your own pregnancy and help another mum in Malawi or Nigeria have a healthy pregnancy and give birth safely.

Or maybe you know a friend or relative who is pregnant? You can give them a gift by twinning their pregnancy.

Or perhaps you’re looking for present ideas for a birthday, baby shower or baptism? We’ll deliver a framed ArtPrint, by post within a few days, as a reminder of a mum and family, who have been recently helped through donations like yours to our IMPACT programme.


Twin a pregnancy