You can donate any amount to our 1000 dreams campaign. Our short-term goal is to support 1000 vulnerable expectant mums and their families through the first 1000 days of life – from conception to age 2. Any amount that you can give will help support another mum.

For example:

£5 could pay for a one way taxi fare to help a mum get to hospital clinic (often up to 20 miles away). And £10 could pay for a return journey.
£20 could buy a complete hygiene kit (that mums have to take into clinic with them if they want a professionally attended birth at a clinic.
£100 could pay for a vital training day for Mother Buddies.

Your donation will be made to Chasing Zero – the charity that runs Pregnancy Twinning. Thank You. (And afterwards, please check your spam folder for a thank you email).


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