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WHY 1000?

PREGNANCY TWINNING 1000  focuses on the most formative phase of a baby’s life; the first 1,000 days – from conception until their 2nd birthday. So we support Mums and Dads, in both Africa and the UK, through pregnancy and until their child is 2.

1000 dreams in Africa –  our 3-year goal is to see 1000 mums in Africa and the UK being fully supported during their first 1000 days. Will you be one of the 1000 supporters needed to reach this goal?

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We are pleased to tell you that our new Cardshop is open, offering event cards such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and other baby celebration cards, and with more being added soon. Thank you to everyone who ordered a Mother’s Day Card this year – your donations are already being put to work!

And if you Twin a Pregnancy or become a 1000 Dreams Sponsor you will receive one of these specially designed beautiful framed ArtPrints.

And see our very special Motherhood gift – please visit our partner Recognised – providers of beautiful jewellery supporting powerful causes.

Please see the beautiful motherhood heart popon

Pregnancy Twinning receives a donation for every motherhood heart popon purchased.


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1000dreams process

Help a mum in Africa

1. Twin your own pregnancy – and support another mum in Africa
2. Give a PregnancyTwinning Gift for an occasion (e.g. Christmas, Birthday, Christening, Baby Shower).

Helping in Africa

Our support in Africa

We have a team of  trained Mother Buddy Counsellors, who make home based visits on vulnerable pregnant women in Africa. We also advocate to improve treatment access through organisations such as Unitaid.

Helping in the UK

Our support in the UK

We also help mums and dads in the UK  – by providing professional psychotherapy services  to help alleviate stress, anxiety or depression during pregnancy or after birth.


Helping Mums

Get help for yourself

1. Help yourself if you’re struggling
2. Know another mum who’s struggling? – point her to our  services

7 wishes every parent has for their child - What are yours?

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Please will you help a mum and her baby in Africa to make the most of the first 1000 days and make a difference for a lifetime!

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