Welcome to Advent - Day 1

Welcome to Advent!

On this first day of Advent we want to help you manage any stress, worry or depression this Christmas – especially if this is your first Christmas when your either expecting or have become a new mum!  So  each day we’ll be providing a helpful free resources to help you thrive and not just survive Christmas!

Today we’re  providing you with a guide to balanced thinking:

– When under increased pressure we can start to think the worst and we can have a range of thinking biases.

– This guide helps you to Balance your Thinking – check it out!

If you want help – contact our counselling services

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BLESSINGS – from the 1000 dreams team!

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Counselling Resources

Balanced thinking

Often, when we are worrying about the future or going into a downward spiral of depression, it’s our thinking that is responsible.

We frequently have certain thinking biases and this PDF resource shows you have to balance these biases.


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