This form should be used to book ongoing Counselling sessions. There is a choice of type – Video, telephone and email ongoing sessions will be arranged with your Counsellor at mutually convenient times.

Due to the Cov-19 situation, as the lockdown eases, we will restart face to face counselling in line with the Government’s guidelines. Due to the current situation we are still able to offer a 10% discount across all forms of counselling. In addition, if you belong to a participating Parental Group (e.g. Parents and Toddlers) you may have access to a discount code which gives additional discounts. If you don’t have a coupon then please contact your Group Manager. For further information do contact us.


  • Only used if email contact doesn't work
  • Due to the Covid-19 situation we are offering a 10% discount on the normal prices. Further discounts are available if you have a coupon code from a Parental Group.
  • £ 0.00
  • A Coupon code enabling further discount may be available if you belong to a Parental Group who are participating in this scheme.