Email counselling has a few advantages over traditional counselling – no appointment times are necessary, you don’t need to be seen or audibly heard, and the time between responses gives some thinking time for both client and Counsellor.

The introductory Email Counselling service is a process that takes up to 5 days and includes the following steps:

1 – After you sign up and pay, a Counsellor will then contact you, usually within 24 hrs, using the email address provided, and text you to alert you to check all inboxes (including spam folders). In this email the Counsellor will ask  a small number of questions, including some multiple choice questions and the opportunity to provide in your own words a short description of your symptoms.

2 – You will then have an opportunity to provide answers to these questions (up to 48 hrs to provide this).

3 – Your Counsellor will then provide, within 48 hrs, a series of recommendations, both to effectively manage your symptoms, to consider the possible root causes and potential next steps that you can take.

This completes the Introductory service. Ongoing counselling by email can be booked here.