Introductory Counselling Booking

Confidential counselling is provided by fully qualified Counsellors. (Please see our policies on privacy, confidentiality and data protection).

Due to the current restrictions, counselling is currently available in 3 forms:

1 – By online video (Zoom, Skype)

2 – By telephone

3 – By email (several exchanges during a 5 day period)

Some sessions are available FREE – with a discount code!

Booking Form (introductory sessions)

Counselling time slots are available now. There are many benefits of being able to choose from these different types of counselling, if you’re an expectant or new mum, you can get expert, confidential support, whilst staying in your own home, at a time that suits you, fitting in with your routine. Research has shown that online therapy is an effective option for postnatal depression and in general, studies show that significant improvements are possible with online therapy and that the outcomes are equal, and in some cases better, than face to face therapy.

For a limited time, an introductory 1 hr session is available with discounts of up to 40%. Further discounts may be available, through a discount code, and if you are a member of a Parental Group – this can make the introductory session entirely free!. Even a single session can make a big difference and set you on the right path and this gives you the opportunity to see if further sessions will be even more helpful. Also all profits from the counselling fees charged, as part of our mission of ‘twinning pregnancies across the world’  will be donated to helping vulnerable pregnant women and new mums in Africa – so your counselling is not just helping you, but also a woman in Africa.

All we need to get you started is some basic information from you including your preferences and your payment for a first session. If you are are part of a Parents Group you may have a discount coupon which you can enter on the booking page. Then one of our counsellors will contact you within 24hrs, to arrange, (for video or telephone), a mutually convenient time. If you need further information, then please complete a contact form.

Further descriptions are shown on the individual forms, including pricing, so click on one of the buttons above to explore each of the introductory session options (subsequent sessions are currently also discounted by 10% and further discounts may be available, using a discount code). Book and pay by Paypal or by credit card (you do not need to open a Paypal account) and then we will be in touch with you, initially by email, to arrange provision of the counselling type of your choice. For ongoing counselling sessions please click here. Many people have benefited from counselling sessions from our team –

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