For most women being pregnant and becoming a new mum during the first 1000 days is a happy experience, both for mum and baby. It is though an emotional time and it’s perfectly usual to feel the natural anxieties linked with pregnancy, delivery and new motherhood. However, for some it can be a time of increased stress, worry and depression.

In fact, about 1 in 4 mums are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or clinical depression [link to research] either during pregnancy or in the post-natal period. Many more are reluctant to get help, and struggle on, often due to social pressures of ‘being expected to be happy’ or to be seen as a ‘supermum.’ There is also sometimes even the worry that social services may get involved.


If you are an expectant or new mum and struggling, it’s really important to get help because new research shows that being in an environment of severe stress, anxiety or depression doesn’t just affect a mum but can also affect her baby, and this can be sustained in the child’s life causing an increased risk of mental health issues in adolescence and adulthood [link to research].

Now of course you can talk with your midwife or doctor, but at Pregnancy Twinning we want to ‘twin across the world’ and that includes helping UK mums too with their own journeys and challenges. We want to help ensure that the first 1000 days are the best they can be here in the UK too, and that your dreams for your child have the best chance of becoming a reality [link to dreams].

We can help

Pregnancy Twinning has a professional team of Psychotherapists with extensive experience of addressing issues in pregnancy, and the first 1000 days. We offer some free services for stress, anxiety and depression, and, professional counselling. This can either be face to face or online – there are many benefits of online counselling if you’re an expectant or new mum  – including that  you can get expert objective help whilst staying in your own home. We realise that sometimes, especially in different phases of pregnancy, or as a new mum, it can be difficult to find the time to see someone by yourself face to face – so online counselling can really help. You just need access to a computer, tablet or smartphone. You can try an initial trial consultation at half price!

Counselling Services

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