You are eligible to complete this survey if you are an expectant mum, parent, grandparent or carer and you have attended the Sparklers Parent and Toddler Group at Kerith Community Church, Bracknell.

The survey is provided free of charge to Sparklers by Pregnancy Twinning1000. We want to support parents of young children with mental health services.

On this site there are also some free psychotherapy tools and, until June 14th, with the discount code SPARKLERSFREE you can get a free confidential 1 hr counselling session, by video or telephone. If with the lockdown, it’s difficult for you to find the time alone, then you may prefer to use the email option.Even a single session can make a big difference and set you on the right path and this gives you the opportunity to see if further sessions will be even more helpful from a member of our fully qualified counselling team.

Thank for you for participating in this survey.

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