Mother’s Day happens every year and if your anything like me you forget it’s happening until the day before. You find yourself rushing down to the supermarket on Saturday night, buying a card which you don’t necessarily like, finding a bunch of flowers which have gone up in price by £5 because it’s Mother’s Day, and spending Sunday thinking “Next year, I’m going to get a gift that’s more meaningful”.
Well this year we are here to help!
We have compiled a short list of 5 great ethical pay-it-forward gifts that you can buy this year for Mother’s Day that as well as being brilliant gifts, they are also gifts that give something back. So, do something different this year and buy a gift that tells your Mum you love her, but also that helps somebody else in this world, who perhaps isn’t as well off as we are.

1. Pregnancy Twinning Mother’s Day Personalised Card or Gift Set

Yes, we are slightly biased, and have put our own gifts on our top 5 list We believe this is great though! Either just buy a Personalised Mother’s Day Card, or go the whole way and buy this Gift set – you get the Card, a box of organic, Fairtrade award-winning chocolates, and a framed Pregnancy Twinning Certificate of a Mum in Africa who’s been helped by donations like yours, with every Card or Gift set that’s bought!

2. Recognised Bracelet Popon

‘Recognised’ brings together amazing causes with beautiful products to raise awareness, spark conversations and bring solidarity around some of the biggest issues we face today. They have released a special Mother’s Day Popon with 100% of their profits going towards two charities this year (one of which is Pregnancy Twinning!)

3. Outside In

Outside In, based in Belfast, are a company with purpose aiming to bring those on the outside of society in. Each purchase comes with an additional product for someone who is homeless. They sell brilliant clothing which can be a great Mother’s Day present, and at the same time will keep a homeless person warm as they live on the streets.

4. Justice & Care

Justice & Care rescues victims from slavery, bring to justice criminal networks responsible and seeks to spark systemic change. They are selling a “for freedom” t-shirt with all funds going towards their aim of rescuing victims. A great present for your Mum this Sunday!

5. Giving Keys

The Giving Keys are a company based in L.A, that look to end homelessness through employment. They do this by selling Giving Keys. Keys on necklaces with an encouraging word on. They have a small outlet here in the U.K on the link above but their main website can be found by simply googling their name. Help end homelessness this year with a Giving Key.

So, this Mother’s Day, make a difference with the money that you spend. Save lives at the same time as telling your Mum how much she means to you.
Happy Mother’s Day!

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